Frequently Asked Question

Getting Started

Before any order is made, it would be best to chat with our specialist on WhatsApp (013-332 2681). We shall listen to your concerns before suggesting any plan that is most suitable to your operation needs.

Yes, once a subscription is confirmed, manuals will be shared and it guides you step by step. Our system is easy to use. If you encounter any difficulty, our Customer Service team will be there to assist you. This way would save more for you so you don’t have to incur any setup fee. 

You do. No one else is entitled to all information in your system subscribed for. 

We have Customer Service team standing by to your questions. However, we strongly believe that the manual is self explanatory enough. Should you need anyone to speak to, feel free to WhatsApp us.

Yes. If you find that our system is not applicable to your business, you may cancel your subscription plan during the first 14 days with money back guaranteed.

All about WMS

A warehouse management system (WMS) is a software that is commonly used in the industries of manufacturing and retail for the reason of physical inventory management. It comes with a management module that records inventories as they come in and go out of the warehouse. In basic terms, a WMS is similar to an on site warehouse control that helps optimise all your warehouse processes.

It’s extremely important not only because it tracks all of the inventories of the business, be it in various locations, but it can also create systems to streamline how workers pick products and pack orders. It provides the ability to track every single inventory that is entering the warehouse, being put onto shelves, and leaving the warehouse for order fulfilment.

Since the warehouse management system has all of the information at hand, when a customer sends an order, it will immediately be able to check if the inventories are available. Instead of a person manually cross-referencing the order and the physical inventories, the WMS will automatically mark the order as ready for packing. This saves a great deal of time and effort.

Shoko eWMS, an e-commerce warehouse management system (eWMS), is a software that embeds functions of a traditional WMS, with features of OMS. Instead of deploying individual WMS and OMS, that are both great software, having Shoko helps you to:

  • Keep track of all inventories in your warehouse IN ONE DASHBOARD.
  • Suggest locations by inventory batches or expiry dates.
  • Manage inventory levels and orders on all sales channel.
  • Streamline how workers pick and pack efficiently.
  • Perform value added services as and when required.
  • Keep a trail of the workers that handled the inventory from end to end.
  • Reduce costs by synchronising systems to keep you and your customers on the same page, making sure they always have enough stock on hand.
  • Eliminate manual errors by automating inventory functions such as cycle counting.
  • Limit theft or loss of inventory by providing real-time inventory levels for all items across all channels.

Adopting technology is a must in today’s logistics landscape, but knowing what you need – and what you don’t – is complicated. What’s more important than knowing what technology to choose is knowing how that technology can work with your customers and their tech. Most OMS comes with the eWMS module but it does not have the full feature that Shoko provides which enhances efficiency and accuracy.

Similarly, eWMS does not have features of uploading products that OMS carries along in their development. Ultimately, it depends on what users want and how systems could integrate amongst one another to provide more seamless data for the users.

There is a very simple answer as to why a business can be benefit with a warehouse management system (WMS). When inventory cannot be identified, or is out of stock, it basically means losses to the business are not being paid attention to. Hence, a warehouse management system that is suitable for your business prevents this kind of losses from occurring and delivers more accurate data for expansion planning.

If you are facing out of stock issues in your operations, then there is an area that has not been addressed properly by your current solutions provider. The functions of the order management system or software that is in place, is to carry out the core function, which is to upload products seamlessly. Shoko eWMS is very focused in providing solutions in relation to physical inventory management to businesses, which is an area that is not covered by an order management system or inventory management module.

The possibility of out of stock or stock missing issues, is due to the inventory not being properly managed and identified. If this problem is not being attended to, the losses to business will continue to amplify.

In simple terms, we do not compete but we fill up the gaps in the market so that businesses could scale without worries of the backend system not being strong enough to support the surge in order for the business.

We believe in supporting Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises(MSME). With different pricing models, this allows the sellers to see which pricing is most suitable for them to have their backend system properly deployed and warehouse control in its place. We would reiterate that there will never be a limitation on the number of users that can access the Shoko eWMS once subscription is confirmed as we believe that for optimum results, everyone in the organisation has to contribute to it. It is not cheaper than others, but we provide what is optimum and what creates value to you, rather than giving irrelevant management modules to make it a super hefty tech product and bill you for what you do not use.

Once you subscribe, a manual will be sent to you immediately. In addition, our team will work closely with you and depending on if you need assistance with warehouse setup and location / product setting services, all in all, it will not take more than 40 working hours. If we get sufficient support, it could be done in less than 24 hours.