eWMS Saas – Warehouse Management System In Malaysia

A cloud-based eCommerce Warehouse Management System (eWMS) which is designed to optimize your warehouse management and strictly control every single detail to ensure 100% accuracy.
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Warehouse Management System Malaysia

About Shoko eWMS

Shoko eWMS is built to improve the efficiencies and profits of your businesses.

Shoko eWMS guarantees at least 220% improvement in your picking process with our built-in picking management module in Shoko.

NO LIMITATION OF STORES and NUMBER OF USERS. Consult us today to be ready for the next coming Shopee and Lazada Sale day!

ewms signup

Sign up and Sync up!

Onboarding the system and inventories takes about maximum 3 days.

ewms operation

Get in position

Start experiencing faster and more accurate picking

ewms delivery

The way you are

Packing it the way your client wants it.

Manifest copies too would be generated once the orders are packed to ensure stocks tallies.

Picking • Packing • Shipping

A Warehouse Management System enhances inventory management by optimizing storage space utilization, improving order fulfillment, and shortening order cycle time.

Controlling all of your warehouse’s activities, allowing you to track every unit down to the lowest level of detail, especially in order fulfillment and inventory accuracy.

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marketplaces shopee lazada

Multi Store Inventory Auto Sync

You may have more than 1 online shop in different marketplaces. Our own Warehouse Management System is able to help you auto update your stock balance in all your online shops whenever there is order in any one of the stores.

We ensure all your online shops' stock balance is same as the actual balance in warehouse. This efficiently reduce your out of stock issue especially during peak sales season, bringing better reputation to your stores.

shoko ewms list function

Shoko eWMS Features

Instead of having different softwares and systems to manage your operations, why not have one that records all your inventories ins and outs and has a clear audit trail.

Shoko eWMS allows business owners to have peace of mind while running their businesses because when stocks do not tally, it does not take more than 5 minutes for the system to complete the investigation.

Bird’s Eye View

Single dashboard to view all marketplace's orders and inventories

Freedom of device

No binding of device usage. Any smartphones would no hinder the processes.

Strong Flow

Seamlessly sync and process flow to ensure no overselling

Sell more!

Accommodating bundles as easy as 123! Help your sellers sell more!


Customer has their own dashboard and can link as many accounts as they wish to at their convenience

Easy to use

Wave picking, value added services packaging, billing at your finger tip. No need qualification to execute the tasks

Features of Inventory Management system and Traditional Warehouse System

Our eWMS system is highly sought after by warehouse operators due to the fact that when numerous different warehouse management systems and inventory management systems were deployed, it does not seem to completely fill up the market gap of meeting the sellers requirements (to fully utilise all marketing tools in Shopee and Lazada/web stores) as well as achieving real efficiencies in the warehouse. Based on the team's past experiences, the gaps with the earlier systems are as follows:

How can we help you differently?

shoko order consolidation

Order Consolidation

Every second counts!

Whether it’s normal day or Mega Sales day, we keep you ever ready for sudden spike in demands.

Our order consolidation and task assignment is developed to help picker and packer save more time when completing the jobs without reducing the quality.

shoko route planning

Route Planning

No more Treasure Hunting

Besides, for fast moving SKUs, why not arrange it frequently to ensure efficiency?

Our data provides you with effortless thinking and planning. Just go according to it and you will get better savings in time for your operations.

shoko customer care

Customer Care

Don’t be RIGID

Often the case, once a system is adopted, it gets rigid and limits a lot of functions.

We always listen and upgrade according to your needs whilst sharing best practices to grow together.

shoko cash flow.webp

Cash Flow Matters

It’s gotta work!

Everyone loves cool stuff but you need your business to be feasible.

Our system is easy to adopt (cloud based) and limit in any device pairing at no sacrifice of speed. So, why pay more?